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If you are thinking of including EPC in your will, thank you. Please see below instructions on how to do this.
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If you would like to discuss your wishes or request information please contact the Fundraising Coordinator here or call 1300 130 813. All communications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Why Make A Bequest?

Almost everyone has one or more significant others – partners, family or friends who they care deeply about. For many people this care is extended and expressed as concern for the well-being of others within their community and their quality of life.

By including Eastern Palliative Care Association Inc. (EPC) in your Will now, you can make a lasting contribution to ensure that those who are at the end of their lives will experience quality of life during this time. The financial resources provided by bequests make it possible for EPC to initiate and extend its services – medical, nursing, allied health therapies, grief and bereavement counselling – with a planned, long term focus.

(While many people believe that palliative care services are provided by, or are part of a larger organisation such as the Cancer Council Victoria or a major hospital, this is not the case. EPC is a totally separate and independently funded organisation).

A clearly written and up to date Will gives you the knowledge that you leave a gift to the future for those with a life threatening illness that they will be cared for within their own home surrounded by loved ones and specially trained carers.

Having provided for your family and friends in your Will, you can also inspire them by making a gift to something that is important to you. A bequest does not necessarily have to be a large gift to EPC – any gift can make a significant difference to our work.

How To Make A Bequest

To make a bequest you need to make or supplement your Will. Because Wills have to comply with certain legal requirements, we advise you to consult a solicitor.

After you decide on the kind of bequest you would like to make, ask your solicitor to draft the appropriate clause or request your solicitor to contact us to discuss your wishes.

You can supplement your existing Will by adding a codicil containing instructions for your bequest. The codicil must comply with the same legal requirement as a Will.

What Kind Of Bequest

With a residual bequest you can provide for your family and friends first and leave what is left (the residue) to EPC. As your estate increases in value, so does your bequest. A residual bequest helps offset the effect of inflation.

By making a bequest of a percentage of your estate, the estate can be divided among a number of people and or organisations. You won’t have to remake your Will to compensate for inflation.

EPC can receive all forms of property and can be the sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Establishing a trust in your Will allows a spouse or other person to use your property and receive all of the income derived from your estate during their lifetime. When they die, the capital can then be passed on to EPC.

A specific cash sum is a common form of bequest but because it does not allow for inflation, it needs to be reviewed regularly.

Suggested Wording for your Will

A clause may be inserted in your Will using the following words: I GIVE to EASTERN PALLIATIVE CARE ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED ABN 62 982 157 121 of 1ST Floor, Building2, 630 Mitcham Road, Mitcham, VIC 3132 1. …….. % of my estate OR 2. The rest and residue of my estate OR 3. Other specified bequest ……….. (such as real estate, shares, collectables, life-insurance policy as described.)free from all gifts and taxes payable upon or in consequence of my death. The receipt of Chief Executive, Treasurer, Secretary or the Public Officer of Eastern Palliative Care Association Incorporated ABN 62 982 157 121 will be an absolute discharge to my Executor.

Legal Information

For your bequest to be valid, you must use our organisation’s full name i.e. Eastern Palliative Care Association Incorporated. Eastern Palliative Care is an Incorporated Association registered in Victoria and is eligible to receive tax deductible donations. Any gift of property should be reviewed with your adviser as part of the overall planning of your affairs.