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Volunteer Management Mentoring

Volunteer Management Mentoring

For organisations with an already established biography program OR who have gone through EPC’s Train the Trainer course


The Group price is only applicable for a group of 3 or more people.


$540 per person


4 sessions

Delivery Mode:

Monthly Zoom meeting



$1,000 per person


4 sessions

Delivery Mode:

Monthly Zoom meeting

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Why Choose Us

Be inspired by the best in biography writing

We have been training biographers since 2006 and are the biggest palliative care biography service provider in the world.

High Quality Training

Your trainers and volunteers will get the same training as our own staff and volunteers, so you benefit from our 17 years of experience.

Experienced Team

Over 30 years of combined experience in our Volunteer Coordination team, who are up to date with the latest technology. 


Our Biography and Volunteer programs have won multiple awards:

2023 - National Winner of Palliative Care Australia Innovation in Volunteering Award.

2018 - Minister for Health Volunteering Award.

2005 - State Winner of National Australia Bank Award.


PhD Researched

PhD Research shows that EPC runs Australia’s largest volunteer biography program and has revealed the philosophy behind the programs success. Listen to podcast series at

black and white photo of Krystal

Meet the Trainer

EPC has decades worth of experience in managing volunteers. Under Krystal Wallis’ leadership they have worked on their philosophy and practice to the point where their volunteers now report a 99% satisfaction rate with their work and how they are treated.  This is unheard of on any satisfaction surveys that are done around staff or volunteers.

This is your opportunity to come and learn from the best, pick up ideas and be mentored into getting your program onto the same path to success.