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When Things are Changing

When things are changing (deteriorating)

The help that someone needs changes as their body weakens. Sometimes this occurs over time however it could be a sudden or fast change. Tell our EPC staff or call EPC to visit if: 

  • Someone is sleeping more than they have been or are not waking up
  • If the person is having trouble walking, had a fall or is unsafe in some way
  • If they are eating and drinking less or have stopped eating and drinking 
  • If things seem to be quickly changing
  • If you need help to provide care.

EPC Occupational Therapists may be involved if a person has fallen or has special equipment needs such as bed stick, transporting or lifting machine. 

There is common equipment that can be used such as a shower stool, wheeled walker and a bedside commode.

While EPC visits are free, there will be costs for equipment delivery and hire.