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EPC Virtual Education Sessions

Virtual Education Sessions 2023

Introducing our new 1hr or 2hr targeted sessions on key palliative care topics held over ZOOM. 

Interactive and personal; you can ask questions and engage with fellow attendees and your Educator all in a place that suits you.
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Electronic Booking system is Coming Soon! For now please download, print and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 


  • Philosophy of Palliative Care / Recognising Deterioration (1 hr)
    Covers: Define Palliative Care, Define the palliative Approach to care, Recognising signs of deterioration, What is suffering?, Explore the concept of 'Death anxiety' 
    2023 Sessions: February 2nd, March 8th, April 27th, July 20th, September 6th, November 1st 
  • Communication / ACP / Difficult Conversations (1 hr)
    Covers: Effective Communication, Barriers to Communication and empathy, Active listening, Advance Care Planning
    2023 Sessions: February 23rd, May 31st, August 2nd, October 26th
  • Symptom Management for RN’s (Includes Medication update) (2 hrs)
    Covers: Assessment and Management of: Fatigue, Pain, Nausea and Vomiting, Constipation / Bowel Obstruction, Dyspnoea/cough, Nutrition and Hydration
    2023 Sessions:  February 16th, April 20th, June 8th, July 6th, September 28th, November 16th
  • Symptom Management for PCA’s   (1 hr)
    Covers: Comfort care of common symptoms: Fatigue, Pain, Nausea & Vomiting, Bowel & Urinary symptoms, breathlessness, Nutrition & Hydration
    2023 Sessions: February 15th, March 23rd, June 14th, August 17th, October 18th
  • The Dying Process and End of Life Care for RN’S (Includes Medication Update) (2 hrs)
    The role of the nurse during the dying process and death, Physiological changes that occur as death approaches, Management strategies of symptoms during the dying process, After death care
    2023 Sessions: February 22nd, April 5th, June 21st, August 30th, October 11th, November 22nd
  • Dying Process and End of Life Care for PCA’s (1 hr)
    Covers: Reflections on death and dying, Recognize common symptoms at end of life, Review comfort management strategies, Discuss after-death care
    2023 Sessions: March 1st, May 24th, July 12th, September 14th, November 9th
  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement (1 hr)
    Covers: Grief and Grief responses, Ways to respond, Grief & Loss as health professionals, Self-care
    2023 Sessions: April 12th, July 5th, September 27th, November 15th
  • Subcutaneous Infusions in Palliative Care (1 hr) - Theory Session
    Covers: Clinical indications for subcutaneous infusions, Management and safety principles when using infusion devices, Principles of site selection, Medications commonly used   
    2023 Sessions: March 16th, May 10th, July 26th, October 25th


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An Electronic Booking system is Coming Soon!

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