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Family & Carer Support

Family & Carer Support

Family Support Workers are qualified social workers, psychologists and pastoral care workers who have experience working with people facing life-limiting illnesses.

Support is available to the client, family and caregivers and continues for family and caregivers through their bereavement.

What Do Family Support Workers Offer?

  • Support for the caregivers, including advocating on their behalf
  • Opportunities for the client to discuss what matters to them
  • Information on how to gain access to community supports, eg. home help, personal and respite care
  • Counselling support for the client and caregivers
  • Bereavement support

Our daily care services

Family Support is person centred and concerned with the spiritual, physical, emotional and social aspect of a person’s wellbeing. Spiritual care supports people as they explore issues through the journey of life until death. This can relate to attitude, beliefs, values or formal religious structures. Physical care can assist with practical issues that make day to day living easier in the client’s home. Emotional care focuses on feelings that can occur as a result of illness. Counselling support can help develop personal strategies to understand and manage these feelings. Social care assists the client to maintain important links with their community and family.