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Single Session Training for Volunteers

Single Session Training for Your Volunteers

EPC's experienced trainers are available to offer training to your volunteers through Single Session Training.

These sessions are delivered via zoom as this has become the mode that is most convenient for volunteers.

Class size accommodates up to 20 and we welcome smaller organisations combining together to share the cost.

Face to face sessions are available upon negotiation.

Topics that we can cover include:

  • Managing the relationship - Values and Boundaries
  • Spirituality
  • Biography specific sessions - not the full training
  • Death and Dying
  • Illnesses and their Symptoms
  • Grief and Loss

Express Your Interest

If you are interested in a topic that is not listed, please contact us. For further information or to book a session, please fill in the expression of interest form or email or call Volunteer Services on 1300 130 813.

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Why Choose Us

Be inspired by the best in biography writing

We have been training biographers since 2006 and are the biggest palliative care biography service provider in the world.

High Quality Training

Your trainers and volunteers will get the same training as our own staff and volunteers, so you benefit from our 17 years of experience.

Experienced Team

Over 30 years of combined experience in our Volunteer Coordination team, who are up to date with the latest technology. 


Our Biography and Volunteer programs have won multiple awards:

2023 - National Winner of Palliative Care Australia Innovation in Volunteering Award.

2018 - Minister for Health Volunteering Award.

2005 - State Winner of National Australia Bank Award.


PhD Researched

PhD Research shows that EPC runs Australia’s largest volunteer biography program and has revealed the philosophy behind the programs success. Listen to podcast series at

Attendee Testimonials

Really grateful for the opportunity to do this training. It was a great experience, not only for the biography training but all the other knowledge imparted by Krystal.


Krystal is a wealth of knowledge in the realm of biographies, you come out of the course with a confidence that you can genuinely support your volunteers through the process.

This is the best and most instructive, well resourced course for anyone wanting to improve their palliative care service by implementing a life story program.


Your organisation is just amazing and an inspiration.


This is an excellent training program to prepare anyone wanting to volunteer as a biographer in the palliative care domain. The materials and activities open your eyes and prepare you for the challenges ahead.


The EPC Biographer Course was respectfully presented by Krystal and with a well-planned and thoughtful Training Manual. We were eased into learning about the role and, by the end of the training, I felt that I had a solid base to step forth from. Also knowing that I wouldn't be left alone if in a tight spot, that a team of experts were available to approach if needed.


Thank you for the wonderful training. It was extremely thorough and well thought through, and I appreciated the way it was delivered (much more engaging than other training I've done!). I also found the pre-reading before each session really helpful. I'm sure all of the participants will take away lots of practical info, wisdom and experience from it! I am also very appreciative of the opportunity to do it through the scholarship - I wouldn't have been able to attend if not for that!


The course is led by a lovely, enthusiastic and experienced facilitator who provides comprehensive knowledge about creating person centred biographies.


There is Literally nothing that could have made the course more effective for me.......just having more hours in my day to absorb the information. Krystal was very good at involving us all in the conversation, even the quieter ones of us didn't slip under her radar. She is very skilled at her job.


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Meet the Trainer

EPC has decades worth of experience in managing volunteers. Under Krystal Wallis’ leadership they have worked on their philosophy and practice to the point where their volunteers now report a 99% satisfaction rate with their work and how they are treated.  This is unheard of on any satisfaction surveys that are done around staff or volunteers.

This is your opportunity to come and learn from the best, pick up ideas and be mentored into getting your program onto the same path to success.