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The last few years have been difficult for many in our community. Those living at home with a terminal or life-limiting illness have keenly felt the social restrictions. Demand for all of EPC’s services and programs is at an all-time high and we need your donation now more than ever. 

100% of your donation will help those receiving palliative care at home. Although the majority of our funding comes from Government sources, EPC also relies on community fundraising, bequests and donations to maintain the wide array of free* services and programs we provide to clients, care givers and families. *Some exceptions apply

Your donation allows us to fulfil our mission to care for and accompany the dying person and their caregivers in the final phase of life, and in our bereavement services.

You can direct your donation to us in 3 different ways. You can choose from our Equipment Hire Financial Hardship Appeal, our Stay at Home Appeal or General Donations. Read more below on what each Appeal will target.  

Donate By Mail Or Phone

Send to:
PO Box 2110
Rangeview Vic 3132 or

Phone: 1300 130 813

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Donate (An Approved) Gift Or Service

Enquiries: 1300 130 813

EPC Appeals

Equipment Hire Financial Hardship Appeal

We no longer receive the government funding that was used to subsidise equipment hire fees for clients in financial hardship. Having the right equipment at home allows loved ones to stay there, rather than having to go to a hospital or hospice. Your donation will go into an internal fund that will be used to subsidise the cost for clients that qualify for this assistance. Equipment can include hospital beds, hoists, wheelchairs, bathroom equipment and a range of other items that keep our clients and carers safe at home. EPC cannot accept any donations of equipment because we do not have storage or maintenance facilities and it is not advisable under COVID regulations.

Overnight Respite Services Appeal

When someone is dying the role of the carer expands every day – from supporting people to attend appointments to attending to normal daily activities, the role of the carer increases over time.  EPC recognises that as people get closer to death, carers become more and more important and this can be very tiring for them.  For most people caring at this level is very unusual.  It is also emotional and stressful. EPC will  provide overnight respite in the person’s own home to carers when the client is close to death so that the carer can get a good night’s rest and leave the care to a registered nurse who will manage all the care overnight.  This will often prevent their loved one from being admitted to hospital or a hospice for the prime reason of giving the carer some respite.

Stay at Home Appeal

Over the last 3 years, demand for EPC’s services has increased at a higher rate than our government funding. Many of our clients wish to stay at home for as long as they can instead of going to a hospital or hospice and we work hard to help fulfil this wish. Your considerate gift will assist us to fund the key areas of EPC that are essential for clients to stay at home and will help to fill our funding gap. EPC's first fun run POUND THE PAVEMENT 4 EPC on Sunday 9 October 2022 at Lillydale Lake is raising funds for this appeal. To find out more about this event click here

*Some exceptions apply

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