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EPC's 2022 Online Auction

EPC's 2022 Online Auction

EPC's 2022 Online Auction has now closed. 

Thank you everyone – we beat our fundraising target! We are thrilled to announce that we raised $8,350 from EPC’s 2022 Online Auction! (We aimed to exceed the amount raised in EPC’s 2020 Online Auction - $8,200) Congratulations to everyone who placed a winning bid, and thank you to those that bid on the items. We could not have held this event without the support of all of the amazing local businesses below who generously donated an item for the auction. 100% of all auction items were donated by these groups.  Thank you also to those that shared/liked/commented on our auction social media posts. To all our generous friends and supporters - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We hope that you had as much fun as we did!

Why are we fundraising for the Equipment Hire Financial Hardship Appeal?

Many EPC clients require specific equipment to be brought into their homes to avoid having to go to a hospital or hospice. Often the need for this equipment is sudden, urgent and vital. EPC assists families to secure these items and organise their hire or purchase. Some families are not in a financial position to cover this cost. The ability for them to draw on EPC’s hardship fund means their loved one’s final wish to die at home can be met.

EPC no longer receives government funding to subsidise the cost of hiring the equipment required for clients in financial hardship. 100% of all income from EPC’s 2022 Online Auction will go to an internal fund to be used for this purpose for eligible clients. To donate to this appeal click here.