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Christine's Story

Christine's Story

Team: Biography

When I retired from a corporate career, I first volunteered at Holmesglen TAFE helping migrants with their English and whilst that was interesting work, it didn’t offer the satisfaction and rewards that come with being a volunteer biographer at EPC.

You see it’s not just the pleasure in meeting new people and learning about their life. It’s the confidence you are given through EPC’s specialist training to go into a client’s home during the last stages of their life to share and record their memories.

Most biographers at EPC work autonomously. We manage our own time and workload including putting together the final biography, but I always feel secure that support by the volunteer coordinators is always there should I need it.

There are times though when it can be particularly challenging and confronting. For example, when you are given a client with a young family, or when the client is unable to speak English or is unable to speak at all because of Motor Neurone Disease and you have to rely on a family member to translate for them.

I have been volunteering for Eastern Palliative Care now for seven years. Over that time I have learnt a great deal from the clients I have met and gained considerable joy and fulfillment in creating a wonderful legacy for them, their family and friends.

Eastern Palliative Care has a well-earned reputation as a leader in its field and it is a privilege to volunteer for this organisation. I’d love you to volunteer with EPC too.

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