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Pauline's Story

Pauline's Story


75 years – a great age – fit, healthy, younger husband – everything was looking really great and still working.  Retirement plans were looming, but what would I do? My usual exercise, gardening, walking etc. was not going to be enough to keep me busy.

A friend at my gym who was about to retire told me she was to begin training as a biographer with EPC.  Wow – I was stoked at the prospect of using my computer skills and techniques! Perfect! I had no idea EPC offered biography to clients! I followed up and found out that they ran an intake of volunteers who they trained each year! I applied, was accepted and began training one day a week for 8-9 weeks. I remained working three days a week and trained one.

Volunteering is nothing like I imagined! The world is your oyster if you wish to follow this path, with so many choices. Dog walking, transport, community support worker, smile makers, hairdressing, and the list goes on and on! I chose biography – I really did want to keep up my skills on the computer; formatting, transcribing and photo editing.

I have done five biographies – not all of them have been completed because the client may have passed away, all different circumstances. However it is extremely rewarding. You give so much to the client but what you gain is immeasurable. It is a wonderful gift from which both you and your client benefit.   Everyone is unique and everyone has their own story!

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