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Newsletter  Issue 2 June 2022

Newsletter Issue 2 June 2022

This month we hear from our CEO Jeanette on her retirement, our fantastic online auction results, our upcoming fun run and more. 

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Newsletter  Issue 1 [March 2022]

Newsletter Issue 1 [March 2022]

EPC’s 2022 Online Auction will be held from 7-27 March, 2022 with all proceeds going towards EPC’s Equipment Hire Financial Hardship Appeal.

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Newsletter  Issue 4 [December 2021]

Newsletter Issue 4 [December 2021]

Every health service relies on its staff and volunteers to engage with clients to deliver the services that are needed. I am immensely proud of the work our staff and volunteers have performed over the past 12 months. This has been a much more difficult year than 2020.

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Newsletter  Issue 3 [September 2021]

Newsletter Issue 3 [September 2021]

As you will be aware the current COVID-19 pandemic has caused many services in Australia to be disrupted. EPC is considered an Essential Service and as such, we have endeavoured to keep services running as normal to the best of our ability.

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Newsletter  Issue 2 [June 2021]

Newsletter Issue 2 [June 2021]

As COVID-19 becomes more normal, we are so happy to nearly be back to normal. We remain with limited visitors to the office, no on-site counselling or on-site massage, but most of our programs are back up and running – and yes, we are running. How we missed having team days and forum days and all of our volunteer programs. COVID is not over yet, but we are all learning to adapt.

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Newsletter  Issue 1 [March 2021]

Newsletter Issue 1 [March 2021]

What an exciting year we have ahead of us in 2021. In March, we have our 4 year full accreditation visit from 16 - 18 March and in April we will commence the development of our next Strategic Plan with Andrew Hollo from Workwell.

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Newsletter  Issue 4 [December 2020]

Newsletter Issue 4 [December 2020]

2020 started with the extreme bushfires along the eastern coast of Australia. Something we are becoming more used to each year. However during January we were hearing about an infectious virus that had shut down a large province in China. 

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Newsletter  Issue 3  [September 2020]

Newsletter Issue 3 [September 2020]

As I write this update the crisis in Victoria is broadening and causing some stress for health services, including services such as ours. The emphasis of the media is on the resources required in public acute hospital but in the community we are also dealing with these issues. 

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Newsletter  Issue 2 [June 2020]

Newsletter Issue 2 [June 2020]

Everyone knows and understands that our work is very difficult at the moment. Clients and carers are more stressed because of COVID-19 and many do not want to go to hospitals. More and more clients are therefore dying at home

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Newsletter  Issue 1 [March 2020]

Newsletter Issue 1 [March 2020]

Welcome to our Events edition of EPC News. We have an exciting year of events planned, starting with our Food, Fashion & Fundraising gala luncheon on Sunday 22 March.

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